Rekeying Vs. Replacing Locks: What’s The Difference?

Posted on 17th, Sep 21

New-age technology is taking over, and the security business is not left behind either. Due to the development of several security solutions in the market right now, door locks have evolved. However, many property owners are still utilising some traditional ones because of their ever-reliable consistency and endurance, as noticed by the Locksmiths in Sydney. These locks can still provide protection, safety, and privacy to property owners and residents. They likewise maintain the option of being altered or replaced whenever needed. An Emergency Locksmith can always help you out in a lockout or lost key situation if you want to upgrade your locks.

Speaking of Replacing Locks, most people tend to get confused when it comes to the difference between replacing and Rekeying Locks. Circumstances that call for rekeying can be much similar to those for replacing them, but a few elements can truly set them apart.

How Does Rekeying Differ From Replacing Locks? 

Rekeying Locks

Rekeying of locks pertains to altering the lock’s internal elements so a new key can only access them. This method ensures that the previous key becomes ineffective. So, people who have the old keys can no longer invade the property unless they have new keys.

The frames of the locks, whenever they are rekeyed, are not replaced entirely. Just the internal components like the lock cylinder and key pins and the keys are changed during the said process. As some parts of the locks remain, it tends to cost cheaper than key replacements. However, a professional locksmith must carry out the rekeying process as doing it by yourself can compromise the lock’s condition and security.

Rekeying Locks can increase your sense of safety. It is also budget-friendly and can be done quickly by experts. The only downside of this method is that you are stuck with whatever kind of lock you currently have. Despite rekeying it, a low-quality lock would still preserve its subpar safety features.

Replacing Locks

Replacing Locks, on the other hand, changes the entire lock and keys. Most of the time, lock replacements use new keys and locks to be significantly secured and free from possible security issues. The only people who can gain access to these locks and provide keys to others are the landlords.

Since a good Locksmith in Sydney will replace every aspect of the lockset, its cost will definitely increase compared to rekeying locks. The best thing about replacing locks is determining and choosing the type of lock you want to install in your doors. You are not confined to the lock type as your whole security device or system will be replaced, after all. When searching for a perfect lockset for your home or business, you may need to consider your feasible budget, security traits that you want to utilise, and additional unique properties of locks.

As mentioned, one big advantage of Lock Replacements is that it allows you the opportunity to purchase your preferred lock type. Substituting your locks likewise gives you the chance to upgrade your security ultimately. However, one downside of this procedure is the overall expensive costs of buying the whole lockset, letting experts install the essential lock components.

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