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What is a transponder key for a car?

Any good car locksmith in Sydney will tell you that transponder keys are the latest in security for new cars. First there were the old car keys that didn’t look any different to other household keys. Next came the remote car keys that automatically lock and unlock your car from a distance (at the click of a button).

Now we have transponder keys that are slightly different, because they not only lock and unlock your car from a distance, but they also provide additional security measures. That’s because they are fitted with a microchip that provides a radio frequency identification for your vehicle. If the car doesn’t receive the correct serial number in the transponder key, the ignition won’t start, meaning that hot-wiring no longer works. So if you are looking for a car locksmith near me – don’t hesitate to call Sydney Car Locksmith immediately!


How much is a new key for my car?

If you have lost your car keys, you must be wondering - how much is a new key for my car? Well it all depends on the type of key you need and where it’s purchased. A car key locksmith is usually the cheapest option because charges start at $120 for basic non-remote keys, $250 for central-locking remote keys and $300 for transponder keys.


How much to duplicate a car key?

The cost of duplicate keys is similar to the cost for replacement keys from an auto locksmith. However, duplicate transponder keys are often more affordable than replacements (when you purchase from a car locksmith) because you already have the ID number in your other set of keys. It’s also important to remember that the type of car also affects both the replacement and duplicate costs.


Looking for a car key locksmith near me?

Our service area includes just about every location possible in and around Sydney. We have years of experience with all sorts of cars, so don’t hesitate to give a call today.

Sydney Car Keys
Member of Locksmith Guild of Australia Inc.
Member of Locksmith Guild of Australia Inc

Automotive Locksmith in Sydney

Are you sick and tired of having to press your central locking button over and over again to get your car open? Have you lost your keys and now you’re stranded and in need of fast and reliable automotive locksmith services? Or maybe you want a spare set of keys set-up so you can avoid the need for a 3am bail out? For these automotive locksmith services and many more there is only one name you need to remember; Sydney Car Locksmiths are Sydney’s premier automotive locksmith.

Sydney Car Locksmiths is a certified member of the Locksmiths Guild of Australia so you can be assured that all of the work performed by our team of professional locksmiths is of the highest order.

But most importantly, all of Sydney Car Locksmiths automotive locksmiths pride themselves on offering the best customer service and the most inexpensive quality services in the Sydney area. We understand how important our customers’ satisfaction is, and that is why we treat all of our customers with a level of care and respect that is unrivalled in the automotive locksmith services area.

automotive locksmith Sydney

Full Range of Automotive Locksmith Services

Sydney Car Locksmiths offers customers a complete range of automotive locksmith services at the most affordable prices. Here are just a few of the expert services we perform for our valued clients:

  • Extraction of broken vehicles keys from locks
  • Repairing of damaged ignition lock of the car
  • Transponder key programming
  • Repair original remote control and programming of new remote to suit car
  • Immobiliser chip programming
  • Car lock and car key repair
  • Replacement car keys where original cannot be restored by making a new one
  • Roadside assistance
  • Emergency unlocking of car when keys are still locked inside of the car
automotive locksmith Sydney

Fully Mobile Automotive Locksmith

The best thing about Sydney Car Locksmiths range of automotive locksmith services is that they all come fully mobile. No matter where you are in the greater metropolitan Sydney area, from Bondi to Bangor and Forestville to Forest Lodge, our team of mobile automotive locksmiths can get to you in no time, so you can be back on the road that much faster.

If you need an automotive locksmith call Sydney Car Locksmiths any time of the day or night and experience the Sydney Car Locksmiths difference.

Mobile Car Locksmiths in Sydney

How much does a car locksmith cost?

Have you ever wondered how much a car locksmith costs? Well, a professional and experienced mobile automotive locksmith in Sydney can cost anything from $120 upwards. These costs reflect the brand and model of the car, type of key required, and whether it’s a replacement or duplicate key. As far as the brand and model is concerned, keys for luxury cars cost more than medium rated cars and more again for basic cars.

In general, costs for transponder keys are usually the highest, followed by remote keys and non-remote keys. A duplicate transponder key will be cheaper than a replacement, because with a duplicate, you already have the unique ID that matches the car’s ID. With a replacement, however, the mobile car locksmith will need to locate this code, which isn’t always easy, depending on the brand, model and year of the car.

mobile car locksmith sydney

Can locksmiths open cars?

Yes, any experienced mobile car locksmith can open a car that uses a non-remote, remote or transponder entry key. The old way to unlock non-remote and remote entry keyed cars was to pick or bypass the lock, which we still need to do for older cars that only have non-remote entry keys. Today, we can reprogram the system for cars opened with remote or transponder keys without damaging the car or the system. We can also disable the immobiliser if it’s become defective and won’t let you start the car.


What to do if you’ve lost your keys?

If you have lost the keys to your car, then you need to look for a mobile automotive locksmith near me on your mobile phone. That’s because the closer the mobile car locksmith, the faster they can arrive at your home or workplace (even the shopping centre), getting you back in your car and on the road in no time at all.


Mobile automotive locksmith near me

At Sydney Car Locksmith, we have an extensive service area, covering just about every location in and around Sydney – call us today!

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