Smart Keys, Auto Keys & Remotes


    Almost all modern brands and models of cars come with intelligent technology fused into the key, either in the form of a remote flip key or proximity key. This smart tech of Remote Car Keys allows everything from unlocking the car remotely to starting the vehicle with a push of a button.

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    Auto Keys – Solutions, Repairs and Replacements

    These Smart/Remote Keys have enhanced accessibility and convenience for car owners. If anyone ever happens to misplace or lose their smart key, it is a general assumption that they would have to get a replacement from a dealership. This is entirely a myth!

    Our skilled locksmiths can give you an instant solution that fits your requirements. It is both affordable and efficient, while we do our best to beat any dealership cost. Moreover, our smart key solutions are available for all principal car manufacturers, and we can arrange genuine Auto Keys that match your vehicle identification number (VIN).

    At Sydney Car Locksmith, we stock an extensive range of Smart Keys, proximity remote keys, and emergency key overrides for most models and brands. So, when you realise you’ve lost your smart key and are contemplating ordering a new replacement, get in touch with our experts first!

    Best And Budget-friendly Sydney Car Locksmiths

    Are you tired of having to push your central locking button over and over again to open the doors of your vehicle? Have you misplaced your keys, and you’re now stranded somewhere? You need quick and reliable Car locksmith service to provide you with a spare set of keys so you can avoid the need for a 3 am distress call. When such a situation occurs, you need to remember only one name — Sydney Car Locksmiths. We are Sydney’s premier automotive locksmiths who can get you out of any locksmith emergency.

    We have an experienced team, and our company is a certified member of the Locksmiths Guild of Australia. You can be at peace knowing that all the locksmithing work we perform is professional and of the highest order. Most importantly, all of Sydney Car Locksmiths’ experts are trained to fulfil your automotive locksmithing needs. They pride themselves on providing the highest-quality customer service and the most budget-friendly quality services in the Sydney area.

    How Much Will It Cost To Get A New Car Key Made?

    If you have misplaced your Car Keys, the first thing that pops into your head is the cost of a new car key. Well, it depends on the kind of key you require and where it’s purchased. Sydney Car Locksmith service is usually the most affordable option.

    Wide-Range of Locksmith Services:

    Sydney Car Locksmiths offers clients a comprehensive range of automotive locksmith services at the most affordable prices. Listed below are some of the expert services we offer for our valued customers:

    • Removal of broken vehicle keys from locks
    • Repairing of disabled ignition lock of the car
    • Transponder key programming
    • Repair of the original Remote Car Keys
    • Programming of a new remote to suit the car
    • Carlock and car key repair
    • Immobiliser chip programming
    • Replacement car keys if the original cannot be restored. We make a new one.
    • Roadside assistance
    • Emergency unlocking of the car when keys locked inside of the car

    Have any other Automotive Locksmithing needs apart from this list? Call us on the number given below. You can also get a quote for any of our services by filling the form.

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