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    You may find yourself in a situation where you misplaced and lost your keys. Regular house keys are comparatively simple to replace. Things could get more complicated when you need a Transponder Key Replacement for your car. We will tell you what you should do if you ever lose your car’s transponder key.

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    What Is a Transponder Key?

    Transponder Keys have a microchip inside the key that allows them to interact with your car by transmitting and receiving signals. That’s why it is also known as the ‘chip keys’. You can find the push-button-start cars rely on transponder keys, although they’re not the only ones. They require a lot more to build and replace, but they also make cars more safe and secure than ever before.

    A vehicle using Transponder Keys will only start if it identifies its key nearby and carries the unique code matching it with the car. Nowadays, car manufacturers switch to transponder keys as an added security measure, including a receiver near the ignition.

    Is My Car’s Key a Transponder Key?

    There are a few ways to find if your car’s key is a Transponder Key. The fastest among them would be to do a search on the internet for your car’s make and model. But don’t worry, you can find more ways as well.

    Another way to identify is to check your key for the following:

    1. A transponder key requires space for a microchip somewhere on the key itself.
    2. The plastic bow on the key is thicker than usual. That’s not a definitive clue, but it’s a good indicator.
    3. Contact your car dealer or the manufacturer to clarify whether the vehicle uses transponder keys.
    4. Call your dealer and ask them how much it would cost to renew your car keys. If the cost is surprisingly high even for a set of car keys, then there are good chances that you are paying for a transponder key.

    What Do I Do If I Lose My Transponder Key?

    Transponder Key Replacement can be a straightforward or complicated task; it depends on whether or not you have a spare Transponder Key.

    The first thing you need to keep in mind is NOT to panic and become anxious. Just calm down; you will get help as soon as you call us.

    We understand it can be a little stressful if you are locked out in a car or stuck in an unfamiliar location and Lost Your Transponder Key. Our excellent team of professionals with more than ten years of experience will reach you within minutes; no matter how remote your location is, we are just one call away and will be there to save your day.

    We have helped thousands of car owners with Transponder Key Replacement for all different brands of vehicles, such as: 

    • Mazda
    • Toyota
    • BMW
    • Jeep
    • Dodge
    • Range Rover
    • Land Rover
    • Kia
    • Suzuki
    • Nissan
    • Renault
    • Mitsubishi
    • Audi
    • Lexus
    • Ford
    • Chevrolet
    • Subaru
    • Isuzu
    • Volkswagen
    • Skoda
    • And more

    Do You Have a Spare Transponder Key? 

    If you lose one transponder key but have another in your cabinet as a spare, you need to get a replacement immediately. You should not delay or switch over to the extra and use it as your primary key. As with a spare available, all you have to do is get a transponder key duplicated.

    Some Automobile Locksmiths can do that for you, and a new key can be made at a lower cost. If you opt to get a new key directly from the source, the dealer can also clone it for you. Things can get a little complex if you don’t have that spare.

    If You Have Lost The Spare Transponder Key

    Sadly, without a spare key to clone, you need to contact your car dealer or manufacturer and ask them to reset the receiver.

    It can be expensive as the chips on the key and the receiver must resemble. So, pairing a new key to the receiver takes much more effort, making it costly.

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