Chrysler Car Key Replacements


    Different Types Of Chrysler Car Keys For Replacement In Sydney

    Do you ever need to replace your Chrysler car key or get a brand new key? If you think practically, it is possible that you can lose the keys somewhere or the advanced keys are damaged or are not functioning properly. In these cases, it is required to replace those keys with a new one to keep the car moving. The maintenance or replacement of the key completely depends on the type of car key or key fobs, as a more advanced key will need some technical input and the older one can be replaced in no time. But, Chrysler cars currently have all types of key fobs, hence Chrysler car key replacement can only be done after knowing the type of keys it gives to their customers.

    In today’s generation, most car keys come with added safety features, but still, some older cars have keys that don’t have many features embedded. So, let’s check out those different types of keys car companies give to their customers.

    1. Basic Keys

    The basic keys or the normal keys that we all have seen. These keys are also termed old-school or bare-bones or plain-jane keys and to make these keys machines or lasers are used. These types of keys do not add any security features to the car, as their sole role is to open the door and start the car. Have you lost such keys somewhere? Then why are you worrying? Either bring the spare keys at home or visit any local locksmith, or a professional automotive locksmith to duplicate these car keys. Making a duplicate is very easy for these types of keys and this is the reason why stealing cars was easy in the past.

    2. Remote Car Key

    A remote car key, sounds impressive, right? Yes, these keys are highly impressive, if safety is the point of concern. The safety features enabled in these keys also make it more beautiful. These remote car keys are featured with transponders and these transponders help in locking and unlocking the car. When the transponder emits either infrared or radio waves, these are converted into coded messages. These messages then signal the onboard computer present inside the car to operate the lock/unlock mechanism. These keys are given with CR44 batteries, which gives a battery back up of 3-4 years, after that replace them with fresh ones.

    This type of brand key replacement is done by reprogramming, which will require either Chrysler dealers or professional car locksmiths.

    3. Smart Car Keys For Smart Chrysler Cars

    Having a smart car key in the pocket will make things easier for you. This also adds an extra layer of safety to the car, as it locks or unlocks the car only by sensing the presence of the key nearby. This means, just keep these keys safe in the pocket and the car will lock or unlock by its presence, and without any physical touch. These keys are considered safe as it uses dynamic coding in place of static codes. Hence, in case you lose the keys, replace the Chrysler key with a new key or reprogram the codes to unlock the car. Reprogramming is done by the brand professionals, hence you need to tow the car to the dealers.

    How Much Will It Cost To Replace Chrysler Car Keys?

    To replace a Chrysler lost key, the price varies depending upon various factors.

    • If the Chrysler car keys are replaced by a locksmith, then it will be cheaper than getting them replaced at a nearby dealer.
    • Another factor that decides the Chrysler car key replacement charges is the type of key to be replaced. This means the charges for a smart key will be higher compared to a basic key, as the smart key will require reprogramming for replacement, while the basic keys can be replaced by making a duplicate.
    • Other factors that can influence the rise of charges is the complexity of the replacement process. For example, to replace a smart key, reprogramming is done. But to reprogram the keys VIN ( Vehicle Identification Number) is required. If the customer fails to give the details, it will become difficult to reprogram. And this will result in a hike.
    • Another reason can be not providing exact location and details to the locksmith can extend the duration of replacement for which they can charge extra money.
    • The average cost that customers pay to replace Chrysler car keys is in the hundreds of dollars, that’s huge.

    Chrysler Car key replacement is one of the most unwanted things people have to do. Hence, to avoid the struggle of making a duplicate key or replacing your car keys, it’s better to keep the keys safe with you always. This will not only keep you away from extra tension but also save a few extra bucks for you. But, in case any such situation arises, rush to any professional automotive locksmith that can provide you with on-site replacement.