Mobile Car Locksmith


    How much does a car locksmith cost?

    Have you ever wondered how much a car locksmith costs? Well, a professional and experienced mobile automotive locksmith in Sydney can cost anything from $120 upwards. These costs reflect the brand and model of the car, type of key required, and whether it’s a replacement or duplicate key. As far as the brand and model is concerned, keys for luxury cars cost more than medium rated cars and more again for basic cars.

    In general, costs for transponder keys are usually the highest, followed by remote keys and non-remote keys. A duplicate transponder key will be cheaper than a replacement, because with a duplicate, you already have the unique ID that matches the car’s ID. With a replacement, however, the mobile car locksmith will need to locate this code, which isn’t always easy, depending on the brand, model and year of the car.

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    Can locksmiths open cars?

    Yes, any experienced mobile car locksmith can open a car that uses a non-remote, remote or transponder entry key. The old way to unlock non-remote and remote entry keyed cars was to pick or bypass the lock, which we still need to do for older cars that only have non-remote entry keys. Today, we can reprogram the system for cars opened with remote or transponder keys without damaging the car or the system. We can also disable the immobiliser if it’s become defective and won’t let you start the car.

    What to do if you’ve lost your keys?

    If you have lost the keys to your car, then you need to look for a mobile automotive locksmith near me on your mobile phone. That’s because the closer the mobile car locksmith, the faster they can arrive at your home or workplace (even the shopping centre), getting you back in your car and on the road in no time at all.

    Mobile automotive locksmith near me

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