Lost Car Keys


    Nothing can ruin your day more or throw you into a frenzy of frantic self-loathing as realising you’ve Lost Your Car Keys. Trying to get a hold of them again looks like a strange dance from a distance; the pocket-emptying, couch-cushion-flipping, and the garbage bag-rummaging panic, usually followed by the anxiousness and peering through the window of your locked car from time and again, desperately hoping to see your lost car keys inside. In the best-case scenario, they might turn up exactly where you left them. But that’s not always the case. And this scene takes a far darker turn if you don’t have a spare set. So, here’s what you can do if you’ve accidentally farewelled your key fob for good. In that case, give a call to Sydney Car Locksmith to get the best solution. Call 0438 553 232

    Do you Have A Spare Set?

    We could stress the importance of always keeping a spare set of keys at your home again and again or getting replacement car keys cut if you happen to lose one, but you know that already. You also know that following these two methods will save you a lot of cash on your Lost Car Keys replacement cost.

    What Type Of Keys Do You Have?

    First, you need to know what car keys you have. If you own an older car – like a Holden Commodore, Cruze, Astra, or Mitsubishi Lancer – odds are you’ll be having a traditional, old-school key, which is very similar to the one you use for your abode or office. If your car has remote unlocking and push-button start, then its highly likely your main key is an electronic key fob with no visible metal. It is also possible that your car offers a mix of both electronic or close proximity unlocking.

    What are Traditional keys? – An explanation

    The old ways are usually the best. This holds, especially in misplacing a traditional metal car key instead of a high-tech key fob. While modern car keys are coded to sync with your cars engine and immobiliser, for older cars retrieving the keys is as simple as cutting new keys to match your locks and ignition. Sure, its not as secure, but imagine the savings! You will need a car-key-replacement expert, along with an automotive locksmith who will usually travel to wherever you are stranded, and, in most cases, they make you a new key on the spot. They do it by dismantling your cars door lock and using your autos lock code (which is engraved on the lock in your cars logbook) to fix you up with a new key on the spot.

    You can expect the service cost to fall in the vicinity of $250 if the job was fairly uncomplicated. If they cant find the code to your lock (damaged or worn-out), things get considerably more challenging. This is where you require the veterans of Sydney Car Locksmiths. Once the lock code is accessed, the locksmiths can generally give you a key on the spot, but if not, the experts need to take the lock barrel away, strip it down and cut a key from that. Which becomes a time-taking process, but thats the worst-case scenario. In conclusion, if the lock barrel of your 15 + year old Holden Barina, Ford Falcon, Honda Civic, or Toyota HiLux is going through a downfall, or if the lock codes have disappeared over time, be prepared to leave the spot on foot.

    It is best to get a spare key cut from your local shopping centre, as the $5 is a lot less than $250 during such uncalled-for situations of Lost Car Keys.

    What Should I Do When I Lose My Electronic Car Keys?

    Let us begin by saying its not going to be cheap. The technology that goes into unlocking your car by remote means theres much more to replace when you lose your smart electric key. Once there was an exclusive domain of premium carmakers, but now, the remote-unlocking technology is in just about every modern car. From the newer models of Holden Commodore to Hyundai i30, Mazda 3 and the expensive BMWs, all come with an electronic key fob. While its costly, losing a single key is still a reasonably straightforward process. Your dealership can clone a spare key and make you a new one without having to make changes in your car. An experienced auto locksmith can also do this for you. They often charge a considerably cheaper rate, so its a good idea to keep the contact information of Sydney Car Locksmiths saved in your phone.

    What Is The Cost Of Losing A Single Car Key?

    We suggest you get a replacement ASAP! A group of 22 dealerships across NSW and South Australia surveyed Lost Car Keys quotes (Electronic) and how much it will cost to replace a single key of these 11 Car brands.

    The cost falls into the bracket of $267 to $800, depending on car brand and whether the key unlocks your car at the push of a button or gets unlocked when you get near it (considerably more expensive). Remember that this is the cost to create a new key using your spare as a clone.

    The Key Duplication cost of the brands survey looked like this:

    • Mazda: $480 for a 2012 model
    • Subaru: $466 for a 2010 Forester
    • Mitsubishi: $267 for a 2013 Outlander
    • Nissan: $330 for a 2012 Pulsar
    • Ford: $501 for a 2010 Focus
    • Lexus: $740 for a 2012 Lexus IS 250

    Of course, these are just rough estimates. The actual price may differ based on the complexity of the job, what time of the day it is and other considerations. Now that weve covered this, well say, just don’t lose your keys. Keep them safe, and always keep a spare set with someone you trust and come to you during an emergency.

    If you’re ever in need of emergency Auto Locksmith services in Sydney and suburbs, feel free to give a call to Sydney Car Locksmiths at any time of the day! Call 0438 553 232

    How to get a new car key when it’s lost

    Lost car keys can be a huge problem, simply because you are left with only one set of keys and these might be with your partner or other family member! That’s where a mobile locksmith comes into the picture, because we can turn up at your home, workplace or other location and fix your problem very quickly. Even if you find your keys at a future date (which often happens), at least you have solved your lost car key transport problem for today and have an additional set of keys for the future.

    So when you have lost your car keys in Sydney, just give the professionals a call and we will be at your location ASAP.

    What if I lost my only car key?

    Knowing how to replace a lost key to a car when it’s your only key is essential! So your best option is to call a mobile car locksmith who can quickly unlock your car and provide you with a lost car key replacement. It’s always a good idea to have at least two sets of keys, because a single set can be easily lost leaving you without any transport until the issue is fixed.

    How do we replace lost car keys?

    Lost car keys in Sydney are a common occurrence and we have years of experience making replacements, whether for older non-remote keys or newer remotes or transponders. If it’s a non-remote key we will be able to either cut a new key to match your lock or replace the entire lock and key, it depends on the situation. For remotes and transponders, we will need to recode the replacements, which usually isn’t too difficult, given our software capabilities.

    Costs for lost car key replacements

    Replacements for lost car keys depend on the brand and model car, type of key, and whether it’s a duplicate or replacement. Costs start at $120, so why not give us a call and we will be there ASAP!