Lost Key Replacement

Lost Key Replacement

We are the experts in replacing car keys that are suited for all auto makes and models. Our sophisticated key machinery builds premium quality keys that come with just a fraction of the price you pay at manufacturers.

Car Key Programming

Car Key Programming

We use the latest computerised technology to program your new keys so they are tuned with your vehicle. Why not guarantee the safety and security of your car by programming software so only you have unlock access to your vehicle.

Duplicate Key Replacement

Duplicate Key Replacement

If you have lost your original key and need a key replacement - you have come to the right place. Whether it's duplicating your original key, or replacing a lost key set, we have you covered. Option to have with or without a remote key.

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How to get a new car key when it’s lost

Lost car keys can be a huge problem, simply because you are left with only one set of keys and these might be with your partner or other family member! That’s where a mobile locksmith comes into the picture, because we can turn up at your home, workplace or other location and fix your problem very quickly. Even if you find your keys at a future date (which often happens), at least you have solved your lost car key transport problem for today and have an additional set of keys for the future.

So when you have lost your car keys in Sydney, just give the professionals a call and we will be at your location ASAP.


What if I lost my only car key?

Knowing how to replace a lost key to a car when it’s your only key is essential! So your best option is to call a mobile car locksmith who can quickly unlock your car and provide you with a lost car key replacement. It’s always a good idea to have at least two sets of keys, because a single set can be easily lost leaving you without any transport until the issue is fixed.


How do we replace lost car keys?

Lost car keys in Sydney are a common occurrence and we have years of experience making replacements, whether for older non-remote keys or newer remotes or transponders. If it’s a non-remote key we will be able to either cut a new key to match your lock or replace the entire lock and key, it depends on the situation. For remotes and transponders, we will need to recode the replacements, which usually isn’t too difficult, given our software capabilities.


Costs for lost car key replacements

Replacements for lost car keys depend on the brand and model car, type of key, and whether it’s a duplicate or replacement. Costs start at $120, so why not give us a call and we will be there ASAP!

Emergency Car Key Replacement Types

There isn't a job that we can't do! Sydney Car Locksmith replace the following car key types suitable for all makes and models.

Prices Starting From Just $120

Car Key Types

Laser Cut Car Keys Remote Car Keys Transponder Car Keys Smart Car Keys VAT Car Keys

$0 Upfront Fees

Instant Car Key Replacements Without Breaking The Budget

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