Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement

We are the experts in replacing car keys that are suited for all auto makes and models. Our sophisticated key machinery builds premium quality keys that come with just a fraction of the price you pay at manufacturers.

Car Key Programming

Car Key Programming

We use the latest computerised technology to program your new keys so they are tuned with your vehicle. Why not guarantee the safety and security of your car by programming software so only you have unlock access to your vehicle.

Duplicate Key Replacement

Duplicate Key Replacement

If you have lost your original key and need a key replacement - you have come to the right place. Whether it's duplicating your original key, or replacing a lost key set, we have you covered. Option to have with or without a remote key.

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Car key replacement options

If you are looking for car key replacement options, then your best strategy is to call a mobile car locksmith. That’s because we arrive very quickly at your location, regardless of whether you are at home, work or shopping. So for all your lost car keys in Sydney, call the professionals for a fast job that gets you back on the road ASAP!


What about car remote key replacements?

For remote car key replacements in Sydney, your easiest option is to call a mobile auto locksmith. That’s because you don’t need to get a lift to a locksmith’s store, wasting your valuable time. Instead, we can arrive at your location and provide you with a lost car key replacement for your remote and you can be on your way in no time at all!


How much is a locksmith to open a car door?

If you need us to open your car door, it’s likely that you have lost your car keys or locked them inside the car. The cost of unlocking your car starts at $50, whilst replacing your lost car keys in Sydney starts at $120. The actual replacement cost depends on the brand and model of your car and the type of keys you need. For a cheap car key replacement we provide you with a non-remote key. A remote or transponder car key replacement costs more because both of these need to be recoded to match your car’s ID code.


How does a locksmith replace a car key?

Older cars with non-remote keys sometimes need their locks to be redrilled so that we can give you a new key. Other times, we can create a replacement key without drilling. Car remote key replacements and transponder keys can be recoded to match your car’s unique ID code.


How do I get a replacement key for my car?

The fastest way to get a replacement key for your car is to call the Sydney Car Locksmith. That’s because we service all areas of Sydney and can be at your location with a car key replacement very quickly. Call us today for a fast service!

Emergency Car Key Replacement Types

There isn't a job that we can't do! Sydney Car Locksmith replace the following car key types suitable for all makes and models.

Prices Starting From Just $120

Car Key Types

Laser Cut Car Keys Remote Car Keys Transponder Car Keys Smart Car Keys VAT Car Keys

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Instant Car Key Replacements Without Breaking The Budget

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