6 Top Reasons Why Car Keys Stop Working

Posted on 17th, Sep 21

Being stranded with your car, unable to open or start it,  is probably one of the worst case scenarios that anyone can imagine encountering. While keyless ignition is becoming more popular, the vast majority of drivers will continue to rely on the good old motor key to start their vehicles for the foreseeable future. This is why Car Key Repairs is one of the most common calls we receive when it comes to Emergency Locksmith situations in Sydney.

You probably believe that your car keys will never fail until you put them in the ignition and, no matter how hard you try, your vehicle chooses not to start. So, why does this happen? And how likely is it that you’ll encounter this problem? Read on to find out.

The Most Common Reasons Why Car Keys Stop Functioning


Damage may not be the only factor that can prevent locks from working; blockages can also prevent your keys from fitting. If you ever face this issue, call a qualified Car Locksmith to resolve it for you.

Automotive Locksmiths will dismantle your lock to clean out the dirt and debris. Whatever you do, don’t start poking about with a wire, as doing so will only make the obstruction worse!

Keys Have Become Worn and Damaged

One of the most typical reasons for your Car Key Not Working is that the grooves on the key have worn out to the point that they no longer fit your ignition. Each of the teeth on a car key might wear out after years of use. Perhaps you’ve been too harsh with your keys and accidentally bent or broken them.

To function correctly, your keys must be precisely aligned with the pins and tumblers in your ignition – sadly, most automobile keys aren’t constructed that robust! Fortunately, an Auto Locksmith can make a Replacement Car Key that fits your ignition correctly.

Ignition Cylinder Failure

Your ignition system is much more than simply your ignition chamber; it also contains various additional systems such as switches, batteries, circuits, and so on, all of which are activated when you turn the key.

A defective ignition lock cylinder can result in the following:

  1. The vehicle will not start
  2. Concerns about power
  3. Car keys got stuck

Unfortunately, these problems frequently necessitate a trip to the mechanic!

A Damaged Lock

Sometimes the issue isn’t with your keys at all; instead, it could be with your lock.
Broken, worn-out, or malfunctioning door locks might prevent automobile keys from correctly fitting, leaving you stranded. Fortunately, Car locksmiths don’t simply operate with keys; if necessary, we can also disassemble and repair your ignition chamber.

Unreliable Aftermarket Keys

So you’ve just had your keys changed — and at an unbelievable price! However, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Cheap aftermarket keys may not be of the same quality, and some may not even fit your car’s ignition chamber at all (a problem that is especially prevalent in older vehicles).

Problems with Transponders

Transponders are tiny miniature radio fobs that carry a unique code that they send to your vehicle and are included with almost all modern automobile keys. Your automobile will not start if the code is incorrect. If the key is fine, but the Transponder Is Not Working, your car won’t start!

Fortunately, Car Locksmiths generally have a lot of experience with this issue and can help you out.

How Can You Fix Your Car Keys? 

The best solution is to contact a professional Sydney Car Locksmith. They are the sure-shot way of correcting and solving the issue.Numerous DIY guides online show you how to reset your car keys, fobs, and remotes. They also teach you unreliable methods of Car Key Repairs. But it is better to leave this job to a professional. Many Sydney Car Locksmiths have from time to time seen people following video tutorials. These, in many cases, just end up complicating the issue.

Simply put, there is big possibility of you inadvertently exacerbating the situation by programming in the incorrect code or making a mistake during the process. Don’t take such chances — have it done correctly by a professional Automotive Locksmith and save time and money!

So, there you have it. Six most common reasons why your car keys might stop working. We hope this has been a useful and informative guide!

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